How to become a Member

Membership in BBCCC is open to the following:
1. Any natural person who is a citizen of the Philippines, of legal age and with the capacity to contract; << READ MORE >>

What are the Duties and Rights of a Member

Every member shall have the following duties:
1. Pay the installments on capital pledged as they fall due and participate in the capital build-up through regular savings; << READ MORE >>

Basic Services Offered by BBCCC

a. Basic Fixed Deposit/Share Capital
(Minimum subscription of a member to the share capital is P5,000 which entitles the member to interest on his capital depending on the net surplus.) << READ MORE >>

Chairman's Message

Structural Innovations

In pursuit of the cooperative pillar of democratic member control, we have been working on concrete changes in our cooperative governance with the aim of not only improving our operations and services but, more importantly, also expanding consultation and representation in our Cooperative. Thus, democratization formed the backdrop for the two structural innovations introduced in the BBCCC at the start of this year: the Sectoral Consultative Body and the Council of Advisers. Expanding Cooperative Consultation and Representation Democratization forms the backdrop for the Re-engineered working board concept.

Consultation supports greater transparency, which is an important principle of good governance. It helps to ensure that governance are conducted with greater clarity and open-ness. It recognizes that policy making can be enhanced through the active involvement and contribution of all stake-holders with an interest in particular policy developments. By ensuring that interested parties can express their views about a particular proposal, the decision-making process becomes better informed, more rigorous and more accountable.

It is time to realize sectoral consultation and representation that will ensure that voices of members are heard and understood in the development of BBCCC’s goals, policies and programs through the Sectoral Consultative Body. (SCB)

Last May 20, 2017, we launched the BBCCC’s Sectoral Consultative Body (SCB) in response to the call of our members for a mechanism for sectoral consultation and representation. The SCB shall be composed of BBCCC members ap-pointed by the BOD who will act as representative-consultants of particular sectors. A sector is a segment of the membership of the Cooperative identified for its special and distinct needs and interests reflecting the current landscape of membership of the Cooperative.

The SCB acts as a consultative group at the invitation of the BOD (on policies, on topical issues)The sectoral consult-ants:

- Convene as a group when called by the BOD

- Attend meetings and activities of the BBCCC

- Work with persons or organs of the Cooperative

- Engage with respective sectors to ensure voices of the sector are heard

- Assume a leadership role in developing a strategic voice for the sector

- Provide feedback to the different secors

Immediately after, work was started for the establishment of the Council of Advisers under the expert hands of Atty. Renato Fernandez and Ms. Emerita Fuerte. The Council shall serve as a top-level advisory body of our Cooperative. It shall be composed of chosen past directors and managers of BBCCC to be appointed by the Board.

We are optimistic that these two bodies will be a big help in setting the direction of the BBCCC now and in the future. They will ensure that voices of members are heard and understood in the development of BBCCC’s goals, policies and programs.


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