How to become a Member

Membership in BBCCC is open to the following:
1. Any natural person who is a citizen of the Philippines, of legal age and with the capacity to contract; << READ MORE >>

What are the Duties and Rights of a Member

Every member shall have the following duties:
1. Pay the installments on capital pledged as they fall due and participate in the capital build-up through regular savings; << READ MORE >>

Basic Services Offered by BBCCC

a. Basic Fixed Deposit/Share Capital
(Minimum subscription of a member to the share capital is P5,000 which entitles the member to interest on his capital depending on the net surplus.) << READ MORE >>


VISION: The Secretariat, as a vital component of the BBCCC, is to be known as a model team of record managers and envisions itself as the recognized bench marker among Cooperatives for the documentation and management of data and information for quick, responsive, and quality decision-making and policy formulation leading to the formation of genuine BBCCC member-cooperators.

MISSION: Its mission is to support the strategy of the BBCCC to adopt the best practices in advancing the goals of cooperativism by preserving the Cooperative's institutional memory and ensuring that the documents and records of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the various BBCCC Committees are organized, retained, and disposed of in compliance with generally accepted recordkeeping principles and applicable legislation in order to attain quality, coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency in decision-making and policy formulation leading.

Board Secretary



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