How to become a Member

Membership in BBCCC is open to the following:
1. Any natural person who is a citizen of the Philippines, of legal age and with the capacity to contract; << READ MORE >>

What are the Duties and Rights of a Member

Every member shall have the following duties:
1. Pay the installments on capital pledged as they fall due and participate in the capital build-up through regular savings; << READ MORE >>

Basic Services Offered by BBCCC

a. Basic Fixed Deposit/Share Capital
(Minimum subscription of a member to the share capital is P5,000 which entitles the member to interest on his capital depending on the net surplus.) << READ MORE >>

Legal Committee

VISION: An effective and efficient team of rule-of-law professionals who, in the discharge of committee duties as mandated in the BBCCC by-laws, play fair, are proactive, transparent, and caring, with a strong sense of social economy, and committed to cooperative values and advocacy.

MISSION: We manage legal issues and matters for BBCCC by providing legal advice and expertise relating to such legal issues and matters directed to the activities and programs of BBCCC, within the spirit and intent of the legal framework keeping in mind equitable treatment of all cooperative members and encouraging the active cooperation between the cooperative and its owners-members towards good governance and strengthening a functional legal education program to ensure compliance with debt recovery and collection processes.




56 Cooperative Street, Assumption Road
2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Tel. No.    (6374)444-4993 /
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